Short Story 1 – Part 7

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By lunchtime I was almost having an information overflow. I was attempting to do research for my job, while also researching about dreams and dream travel. Let’s just say that having dual computer monitors was coming in handy. My initial Google searches looked a little like this:

“dream travel”.

But after only being able to find travel agencies I decided I needed to change directions. I started simple and looked up the Oxford Dictionaries definition of dream. It stated “a series of thoughts, images, and sensations, occurring in a person’s mind during sleep”, which didn’t seem to quite fit the mold of what was happening to me since I had been both sore and had scrapes. It was as if though my body wasn’t physically moving, what happened to it in one world affected it in the other.


I made very little progress on the Internet and decided I would have to search around the libraries and archives to see if there were references to these types of events occurring in history. I also decided that I should probably get back to work. We were set to go out to our island cluster in just a few weeks, and I needed to make sure everything would go smoothly.


We were planning on our research and exploration taking longer than normal. From what we could see from the satellite, the islands seemed to be covered in thick greenery and trees. We had even been referring to them as  “los verdes” just to mix things up a bit. There was one larger island-it seemed to be around 2000-3000 sq. miles, but it was hard to tell-surrounded by several smaller islands that were only around 200-400 sq. miles. The big island also had a river that ran right through the center of it. I still wrapping my head around the fact that this islands had never been recorded on any


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