Short Story 1 – Part 8

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[8] (Change point of view to CIA Agent)

The last couple months had been a pain in my ass. Everything I do at the Agency is about national security, whether it’s gathering intelligence, analyzing, or going out in the field. Currently I was trying to figure out which brilliant government agency gave the Museum of Natural History a very classified satellite. A satellite that gave them the view of a very unique, and secret cluster of islands.


My intelligence told me that Amelia Garrett, current Head Curator from the Division of Anthropology would soon be leading a team of researchers to the islands to explore and, well, research.


I couldn’t let that happen. It was too late now to only find where the satellite came from and erase all the data that had been collected and stored. Too many people were involved, and I still had no leads on the satellite itself. I needed to stop them before it was too late. Our already unstable world may not be able to survive if those islands and what was on them became public.


I picked up my phone and slowly dialed the other senior agent on this case.


“I think it’s time.”


His words were as follows: “Oh, it definitely is. I was just going to call.”


Astonished couldn’t even begin to describe the way I felt when he got done telling me what he had discovered.



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