Cougar Football!

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The festivities begin

when the RVs roll in.


As the marching band plays,

everyone sways.


“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

we Cougs yell with might.


Game day is near

and every one is here.


We face the chilly autumn air;

wouldn’t miss the game if we dare.


All Cougs take their places

with smiles on their faces.


While the team completes drives,

Butch gives high fives.


Glenn Johnson’s voice is heard all over town,

“And that’s another Cougar first down!”


When time runs out,

there was never any doubt.


“The Cougs win again!”

I say with a grin.


Win the day

for Crimson and Gray.


Go Cougs!


2 thoughts on “Cougar Football!

    acuriousgal said:
    October 12, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    How fun!!

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