I stare at the river

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I stare at the river

its lucid waters flowing gently downstream

the rocks that edge its current are round, beveled even

but unlike so many rivers

these rocks are not slippery

for this river

unlike those that flow through cities

is clean


it is small in comparison

more of a mountain stream

weaving its way through tree covered hills


a fish swims by quickly

the dazzling sun finding its scales

creating a fast moving rainbow

in the shallow depths of the water


up ahead

where the river curves

a spot covered fawn

walks quietly through the brush

its beige fur radiating against the greens of the forest

its long legs carry it awkwardly to the water’s edge

and it dips its inferior head to drink from the precious water

completely unaware

that I’m watching


the river plays a pivotal role

knowing how to provide to those that rely on it

both creatures and plants



entangled in its seemingly omniscient character

I cannot help but be perplexed at its perfection

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