the soft sounds of the guitar

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the soft sounds of the guitar

at the beginning of the song

draw me in


when the melody begins

my mind can think of nothing else

instantly consumed by not only the clarity of the voice

but the pace and the timing


the lyrics

may be most important

it is as if they know me

they are in my head

circling around my thoughts

weaving through the negativity

encompassing what is pleasant


the guitar remains ever present

but the piano

its chords progressing

much like the bass

and the steady beat of the drums

are what move the words


they work together

words and instruments

changing our moods

sometimes almost instantly

drawing on emotions

and memories

staying with us for what seems like forever


it is easy to forget the importance of music

to take for granted this greatness

that lives constantly within our souls


2 thoughts on “the soft sounds of the guitar

    acuriousgal said:
    November 3, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Beautiful, Kendra!!

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