Short Story 1-Part 12

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Haven’t posted any of my short story in a while… It is still a work in progress.

[12] (CIA)

It was time to begin.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, you have all been a part of or been read in on our current situation. A highly protected cluster of American islands located off the coast of Canada that we refer to as L’île Cache, which is French for ‘Hidden Island’. It was discovered by U.S. Naval Officers during World War II. Whatever mission they were on, is still unknown to us; it’s not what is important here. What is important is what they discovered when they landed on the island.


A group of indigenous people completely unaware of the world around them. Here we are some 50 years later, and we still don’t know much about them. We checked maps and journals kept by sailors and no one ever mentions an island off the coast of Canada. Because we don’t want to disrupt their way of life, it is very hard to learn about them. What we do know so far is that they seem to possess some sort of magical power. That’s why this has never been publicized. It is our number one priority to keep this top secret.”


The looks on their faces were blank. Astonished. I’m sure not all too different from when I found out. It was hard to grasp. That’s why each individual in the room had been hand selected. This could not get out.


“We also have reason to believe that they have somehow made contact with our subject, Amelia Garrett. We aren’t sure how this is possible, but her mysterious behavior as well as her recent internet searches seem to point that direction.”


As her image and information popped up on the screen behind me, hands began to raise. I was prepared. Prepared to not be able to answer their questions.


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