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we bend

and bre ak them

we throw them

with our mouths

sometimes harshly

sending our own spit

right along with them

we throw them

at ourselves

the ground

even others



are receptive

they absorb

what we put into them

the energy that makes them come alive

moving them so quickly

they could win an Olympic medal

or barely giving them enough strength

to walk across the room

then there’s emotions

emotions that are absorbed like tears

into a tissue



are verbs


all around us

we think them to ourselves

and yell them to our friends

sometimes they sit in the back of our throats

itching to escape

but we don’t let them

other times we overuse them

but words will always be with us

there for us to cherish

and treat with kindness


if we treat words as tools

weapons to destroy and tear down

the walls that have been built around us

we may lose their beauty and strength



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