a free bird

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a free bird

flies through the storm

through the sun

into the wind

high above

watching what’s below


a free bird

flies no matter what it faces


a song bird

sings her heart out

she sings of pain

and heartache

she sings of love

and reaches many


a song bird

sings because it feels good


we must take cue from the birds

we must fly to be free

and sing to find peace



I am

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I am
not just another girl
who sits patiently and
waits to be served on a silver platter

taken care of
yet pushed aside
waiting and the awaited

thoughtful but unspoken

I am
not another woman
who layers her face in shades of color
as if to place it on a pedestal

afraid of the eyes that stare
with vicious judgment
and the murmurs that await

outspoken by all those around

I am
an individual
strong and independent
I cut my own paths

never looking around
never seeking attention
laying a hand on the shoulder of all those around me

I am undoubtedly me

Poems from Conflicted Hearts – Coming Soon!

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I recently had two of my poems accepted into an anthology calledĀ Poems from Conflicted HeartsĀ by Tayen Lane Publishing.

Here’s a link to find out more about it! It is debuting March 1st and available for pre-order.