broken heart

you are

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you are





one of the greatest men I’ve ever known

and there

you are there

when tides of darkness

come crashing into me

when I feel like no one cares

and that my life will become dark

you are the light that brings me back

your smile lighting the world

more than even the sun and the stars can

you make me feel





when no one else can

when I don’t want to

and when I feel like I no room to grow

you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me

and also the worst

because you are more to me

than I am




when you ignited my soul

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when you ignited my soul

you taught me how to feel

I know you didn’t mean to

but you did

your blue eyes piercing mine

like none had ever done before

I want you to feel my warmth

but you don’t

you knocked (a December chill)

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you knocked
faintly on my door
whispering truths that would be lies
between the cracks
in the wood
truths with no bounds
you fumbled on the lock
trying again and again
the key that used to work
it was the only key
until your façade began to fade
reverting back to the negative
which cannot be hidden in the darkness
your secrets unbound all at once
a door slammed shut on your face
bolted down
the knocks grew louder
as my heart throbbed it fought
wanting to find a place for you
but my mind
told me it was a trick
just some silly street magic
so I blocked it out
for as long as possible
until my heart gave way
and I found the strength to open the door
but you were gone
and left in your place
was the bitter cold
a December chill

I watched the sun disappear

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I watched the sun disappear

fade behind a whispering sheet of black


the sun had touched my soul

begun to melt the shields that protected it

exhausting from me the strength that held them


in the quiet blackness

those shields tried to mend

creating rough layers over what was already there

any transparency fading quickly behind


but the rains came quickly

droplets eased through the cracks

and pounding hail quickly followed

the new shields

bro ken



.  en t

do nothing more than reopen the freshly healed wounds


my mind no longer has control

they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

and as my heart works to repair the damage

my soul knows this is true


one day

the sun will come back

its light will cut through the black that I see

its heat will dry the water that has pooled around me

and my shields will retreat only when they know it is safe