her mind has taken the place of leaves

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her mind has taken the place of leaves

each spring as the sun melts the remnants of winter’s last storm

a budding thought trickles in

sprouting greener than any other

in the summer that thought flourishes

soaking up the sun

and providing a cool place

for others to lay

but as the heat grows

those leaves dry and become brittle

she doesn’t mind

because she loves the reds, oranges, and yellows

in fact

she can’t think of anything she loves mind

when finally short days are followed by cool nights

and the wind knocks loose the leaves

her mind rests peacefully

knowing this is the process she must endure


the hill

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the hill

is his place of comfort

its plush green grass provides a seat unlike any other




it is all that he needs it to be


from this spot he watches


he watches as the sun slowly starts to hide itself

vibrant green leaves change to red

before falling into piles that dampen your foot

or crunch with every step you take

he watches as the snow fall blankets his world

and covers the tops of the buildings in the city below


he watches children chase each other

sprinting ahead at the last minute


he watches as traffic stalls in the city

horns blaring and beeping

echoing through the sky


when he’s on the hill

he acts as a sponge

soaking in the world around him

continuing to grow

learning how to get by in the world around him


each day he descends from the hill is stronger

a better version of himself

and he tries not to let that fade

as he joins the masses on the streets


he feels


until the heavy wood door clunks behind him

whisking up an aroma of aged wood and fresh bread

and he feels once again what it is like to breath

we let them under our skin

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we let them under our skin

to feed and nest


we let them change our identity

when they tell us our shirt is ugly

we throw it out

when they tell us they don’t like the way we talk

we change it

or we become mute

only speaking when necessary


we decide we don’t like the person we’ve become

but we go along like it doesn’t matter

we be who they want us to be

rather than who we are

because we don’t want to upset anyone

let them down


we can’t disagree because they won’t let us

we won’t argue because we know we’ll lose them

and we don’t want to be the person who doesn’t have friends

who sits alone at lunch

and watches movies on Friday nights

we don’t want to lose our prestige


but in that process we become poisoned

the venom seeps into us

but as we distance ourselves

the venom fades away

we remember who we are

and everything that we live for

we find others like ourselves

and we prosper


instead of letting them under our skin

we build upon each other’s strengths

the leaves have disappeared

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the leaves have disappeared

from the trees


a few remain

s     a     e     ed

.  c     tt     r

amongst the grass

losing its form

brown seeping through the green

squishing under my every step


I have now reached the sidewalk

whose color mimics that of the sky above

a lone red leaf lays flat

stuck to the grisly gray surface

creating a stark distinction between fall and winter


I hesitate

not wanting to step on it

not wanting to embrace the turning of the season

holding strong to the colors of fall

that are slowly escaping

and bringing about them change