Short Story 1 – Part 10

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Note: I know some of these parts are still a little boring. These are some of the sections I am going to spend the most time revising once I get the story completely done.

[10] (CIA) (Figure out what division of the CIA this fits best in)

Being an agent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And it is completely different from the movies and TV shows that seem to air constantly these days. I swear they have a TV show for just about everything. What I had heard from James was astonishing; I wasn’t even sure if I believed it. Or at the very least I didn’t want to believe it.


We had called an emergency meeting. Bringing in only a handful of our most trusted field and tech agents. A couple of them had been filled in already and had been helping us try to research this phenomenon, but so far we had made very little headway. If we wanted to figure this out we were going to have dig deep into not only the history of America but also the history of all peoples, and all places. And especially of the islands. When they were discovered during WWII they were immediately classified and every precaution has been taken to keep them hidden. We needed to know how and why Amelia Garrett found them and what they were doing to her.
Everyone trickled in shortly before our start time of 6 PM. As soon as the clock struck six, I shut the door with nothing other than a grim look on my face.