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by a time warp
I sit still
and steady
my heart beating with the hands
that slowly go about the clock
it’s tick tock
tick tock
drowned by the reverb
harmoniously coming from my chest


the clock on the wall

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the clock on the wall

tick tocks

tick tocks


the lead of a pencil

scratches the paper

in swift curvy motions


a leaf falls

swirling down from its tree

landing gently on the dying grass


a knock knock knock

is heard from the foyer

a door opens and then shuts


we wait

observing these endless moments of life

moments that have become part of our daily lives


we wait

though we aren’t always sure why

we do it anyways

the ticking of the clock on the wall

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the ticking of the clock on the wall


the pounding of the heart in my chest


the stomping of hard rubber on smooth cement


the shuffling of papers as they are stacked and filed


the dusty blinds have been drawn shut on the window


life outside seems so far away

untouchable to even the longest reach

the sky seems nothing more than a hazy shade of gray


but the hustle and bustle of traffic

engines revving

horns honking

brakes squeaking

stopping the car for the man crossing the street on his cell phone

seeps through the walls of the old building


stuck in a moment


when time passes