it’s cold

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it’s cold

that’s all I remember
the words whispered in my ear
by the icy breeze
that brought with it a raging winter storm

I had never been so cold before
my feet frozen to the ground
like a wintery snowman
who cannot move until the sun warms him

the coldness trickled up my body
until my heart becomes solid ice
its beating slowed to a calming rhythm
and even the most feather like of touches

could have broken it into shards

the most impossible of outcomes
had befallen me
with neither sun nor the warmth of another soul
I sat that way

it was as if time had stood still

I longed to see the sun fill up the blue skies
smell the flowers as they began to bloom
and feel the warmth of the sun
as the days became longer

but the sun did not come
and the skies remained grey
I remained an icy box
just another part of winter

a creature in its own