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tell us when to go
when to hold up
and when to turn

dictating our lives
like only our souls can

cautioning our foot on that pedal
in the same way we build walls around our hearts


tires screech
as metal clashes on metal

hearts are broken
as lives are lost
or put in harm’s way

what is a driver without a stoplight?

if we cannot rely on even this guidance
what hope do we have in the rest of the world?

the moon

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the moon
is no longer silent
its bright light has been beckoned
out of the tangled web of clouds
forged by a force high above
to keep it hidden

an eerie glow is cast down
haunting the soul’s darkest desire

but illuminating the dreams
of those that feast in the night

as it guides our way down some path
that may or may not be predetermined
we must decide between
all that is good in the moon
and all that is