unbeknownst to me

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unbeknownst to me
the world stopped turning
for a day and a day only
we were free to live our lives
to our hearts desire

until the sun fell below the tree line
to the east
and darkness consumed
our wildest of dreams


when I reach out with my fingertips

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when I reach out with my fingertips

they brush against a glass like surface

a smooth barrier

cold to the touch

I shiver

even the warmth of the sun cannot douse the cold

for I expected a different type of warmth

one that would extend beyond the simple touch

travel to my soul


it’s not a new sensation

rather a reoccurring one

I persist

hoping that one day the warmth from my soul

will be enough to break through

that our warmth will be joined

melding into a force so strong

it can not be undone


I often wonder

why I do this

why not let go of this hope

the barrier has not broken down at all


how do we decide to let go of our heart’s desire