unbeknownst to me

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unbeknownst to me
the world stopped turning
for a day and a day only
we were free to live our lives
to our hearts desire

until the sun fell below the tree line
to the east
and darkness consumed
our wildest of dreams


in my dreams

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in my dreams

I am consumed by the black spirals

that rise from the ground

and at first wrap only around my feet


I look





I try to reach them with my hand

to make sense of the blackness

but before I know it


they twirl and tangle around me

stretching up my body

pinning my arms to my sides

squeezing tighter and tighter

forcing the air from my lungs


as soon as the tips stretch past my eyes

blackening what little distorted dream light

was left

I take my last wheezing breath

prepared to be totally consumed


when my eyes open

I find myself

laying still

surrounded by the blackest night

unsure of how to differentiate between

dream and reality