the rolling hills of the pavement

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the rolling hills of the pavement


the surface appears flat

smooth even

but the flying splash

as spheres of water collide into the ground

lets me know the holes are still there


though strong

the water is not enough to create a surface that will hold

as I cross the street

made even drearier from the clouds in the sky

the old brick of the buildings that surround me

darker than normal

with no sun to radiate the multiple shades

of red and orange

that are normally bright

my feet create waves in the road

water shooting off in 360 degrees


the water and I become the same

as it runs down me

from head to toe

and splashes under my feet


do we not try to fill the gaps in our own lives

with substances that will not hold the weight

of our current situations

substances that can give under pressure

why else can rain affect our mood

making us feel as dreary as the sky

and long for the sun to shine through the sky

bring light to our lives

warm us


maybe the rain is helping us grow

much as it does nature

reminding us of what we should do differently

maybe this is why I like the rain

and welcome it