when you ignited my soul

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when you ignited my soul

you taught me how to feel

I know you didn’t mean to

but you did

your blue eyes piercing mine

like none had ever done before

I want you to feel my warmth

but you don’t

they show our deepest fears

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they show our deepest fears

even when we do everything we can to hide them

but with one look

an experienced eye can feel our fear


like the girl sitting alone on a dingy bus

the girl who refuses to make eye contact

with those trying to help


they show our happiness

the smallest glimmer giving it away

it can be seen with the quickest of glances

igniting the same feeling in others


like the couple you see holding hands on the beach

the soft sand and shimmering sun

only accentuating how they feel in that moment


they show our compassion

at the moments we choose to open our souls

so that others can see our depth

and a warmth gravitates to all that seek it


like the friend who never left your side

in a moment of weakness

and remains there to this day


they tell our stories

and the stories of those around us

yet we are afraid of exposing ourselves

we divert our attention away at the last moment

not willing to allow others across a barrier

a barrier that blocks the way to a piece of ourselves

we don’t want to share

but a piece of ourselves that is most important


they are powerful

because they hold our secrets out for the world to see

and no two persons are the same