the leaves fell from the trees like rain

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the leaves fell from the trees like rain

showering me in reds and yellows


like many fall mornings

a dreary and gray backdrop floated above me


the sun

whose warmth was long gone

tried desperately to reach me

but the little glow emanating from it

stayed distant


I looked for its warmth

in what held the same colors

could the leaves replace the sun?


the reds and yellows swirled around me

brightening the gloom

letting me know

that I don’t need the sun

to feel


the tree in the meadow is my friend

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the tree in the meadow is my friend


during the spring its new (l)(e)(a)(v)(e)(s)

protect me from the rain

we watch the flowers bloom

and the fields turn green


during the summer its long, sinewy branches and leaves

protect me from the scorching sun

while we read an old tattered book

or try to write one


during the fall my friend begins to lose its leaves

at the end of one branch

a lone, red (leaf) hangs

waiting to fall off

I watch it carefully

holding on to the thought

that it will never fall off


but it does


and during the winter

it stands tall but lonely

our friendship weakens

if only briefly

until the cold air starts to turn warm

a fall day on the palouse

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a fall day on the palouse


a crisp, red leaf

breaks under my worn, leather boots


as my gaze moves from my boot

to the tree above

the leaves consume my mind


beyond the trees

the mist on the horizon

threatens the rolling

(what were) wheat fields


what is autumn but a season

that is unsure how to fit in


rapid, pounding rains

flurried snow

h                      i

.            a                      l

don’t miss the sun

it might disappear behind a cloud

before the process repeats

over and over

and over