when you ignited my soul

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when you ignited my soul

you taught me how to feel

I know you didn’t mean to

but you did

your blue eyes piercing mine

like none had ever done before

I want you to feel my warmth

but you don’t

pages turn

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pages turn

they are the pages of old

dust flies as each one turns over

memories of the past

that we chose to never revisit


pages burn

the hottest blue flames

spitting sparks in all directions

the book so hot it falls to the floor

engulfing the world


a fiery ball of fire


pages are written

new memories spilling ink over blank pages

each word a product of the past

the old

the bad


both become products of the future


but both are ignored

our dust covered memories are seldom untouched

and the piles of ashes our memories create linger only by the bitter smell of stale smoke that refuses to leave


by exploring the pages that make up our lives

we can create even better memories

you’re a cool breeze

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you’re a cool breeze


on the hottest August day

you rush past me

chilling the sweat on my forehead

my hair flutters quietly

at the same moment as my heart

its beats so loud the rest of the world seems silent


you’re a cool breeze


on a summer night around a fire

when the fire feels good but is too hot

you rush past me

fighting off the heat

just enough that I don’t have to move

the breeze bringing a different kind of heat


the kind lasts forever

without being too hot or too cold


the soft glow from the candle

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the soft glow from the candle

casts an eerie sense about the room

flickering every few seconds

fading in and out


of whether it wants to remain lit


I long for it to grow brighter

to consume the walls

melt the ice that has slowly surrounded me

crept its way to my core


I try to move towards it

placing one foot in front of the other

but it is too late

ice spills out onto the floor

freezing me in this dreadful spot

in the shabby room


the soft ruffle of fluttering curtains

turns my head toward the cracked window

a chilly breeze rushes past me

chilling the tip of my nose

and sending shivers down my spine


there is nothing I can do


gone is the glow of the candle

miniscule as it was

it was my salvation

my escape from this world