when you went away the world got darker

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when you went away the world got darker

a sheet of gray draped in your place

my heart frozen

a future without you seemed dreadful


it went on that way for months

whenever I looked you were gone

at times I caught you lingering

but you were too far away


your warmth couldn’t reach me

the coldness in my heart

spread to the tips of my fingers and toes

spreading to the world around me


the ground became colder with each step

or so it seemed

clouds came and went

but no matter how bright the world got


the warmth I so longed for couldn’t be found


but one day you came back

I could not only see you

but feel you as well

your warmth radiated inside my soul


melted the ice that had held me in place

brought me back to life


and I realized that our lives go in cycles


people come and go

just as the seasons come and go

just as life comes and go


but we can’t keep wondering

about the whens hows and what ifs

we must make of life what we can

and let the warmth of those around us radiate inside our souls


it sits in a field

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it sits in a field


bent and broken

at the stem

graying flower petals

touching the dying grass below

many falling off

with the swift gusts of winds

continually blowing past


at one time

it had flourished

the first of its kind

its beautiful

blue petals

catching the sign light

standing out

in the field of green

and many more sprouted around it

creating a patch of blue

so fluid

it could have been mistaken

for a small pond


the days of its vibrancy

have come and gone

days that were before the rain

that fell so hard

the large drops bounced off the ground

like a ball on a court

rain that washed away the new growth

of blue that had sprung from the ground

and weighted down the top of the tallest flower

until it bent and snapped under pressure


the rain had plans for this flower

plans that would stop it from growing

plans that didn’t want it to survive

didn’t want it take the breaths it needed to survive

stripped of its ability to live

it withered

and by the time

glorious beams of golden rod

shined down on it

it had given up its will to live

crushed under the weight of the world

we let them under our skin

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we let them under our skin

to feed and nest


we let them change our identity

when they tell us our shirt is ugly

we throw it out

when they tell us they don’t like the way we talk

we change it

or we become mute

only speaking when necessary


we decide we don’t like the person we’ve become

but we go along like it doesn’t matter

we be who they want us to be

rather than who we are

because we don’t want to upset anyone

let them down


we can’t disagree because they won’t let us

we won’t argue because we know we’ll lose them

and we don’t want to be the person who doesn’t have friends

who sits alone at lunch

and watches movies on Friday nights

we don’t want to lose our prestige


but in that process we become poisoned

the venom seeps into us

but as we distance ourselves

the venom fades away

we remember who we are

and everything that we live for

we find others like ourselves

and we prosper


instead of letting them under our skin

we build upon each other’s strengths