words sit

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words sit

at the tip of my tongue

the force behind them so great

they could level a forest of giant oaks


words of






but an even greater force holds them in


a gatekeeper whose iron

keeps even the strongest of poets at bay


the words swirl in my head

creating a storm of harsh thunder and lightning

thrashing and crashing against an invisible barrier


breaking it down


but though the words may make sense on paper

they flow harsh like the river

cutting and weaving through land

but also the transporter of all things necessary


love at long last

has broken free


I waited

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I waited

as the snow fell yet again

from the coldest of gray skies

gray skies that were colder than a marble statue

gray skies that held no hope or promise

for what comes next

trapping me

so that all I could do was wait


I waited for you

to save me from the cold

wrap your warm arms around me

arms that were strong and protective

arms that would keep me safe

and heat the chill that seeped to my bones

that were frozen in place

refusing to let me move


I waited but I didn’t want to

I wanted to be free

like the eagle who soars through the sky

observing the life below it

braving not only the bluest of summer skies

but the stormiest winter ones as well

you acted as the barrier that held me back

even though you didn’t know it


I’m still waiting

and I probably always will

when the gray skies are replaced by colorful shades of blue

I’ll stare at them

not being able to see anyone but you

you’ve drawn me in

trapped me in a web

but you didn’t meant to

we let them under our skin

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we let them under our skin

to feed and nest


we let them change our identity

when they tell us our shirt is ugly

we throw it out

when they tell us they don’t like the way we talk

we change it

or we become mute

only speaking when necessary


we decide we don’t like the person we’ve become

but we go along like it doesn’t matter

we be who they want us to be

rather than who we are

because we don’t want to upset anyone

let them down


we can’t disagree because they won’t let us

we won’t argue because we know we’ll lose them

and we don’t want to be the person who doesn’t have friends

who sits alone at lunch

and watches movies on Friday nights

we don’t want to lose our prestige


but in that process we become poisoned

the venom seeps into us

but as we distance ourselves

the venom fades away

we remember who we are

and everything that we live for

we find others like ourselves

and we prosper


instead of letting them under our skin

we build upon each other’s strengths

I saw myself today

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I saw myself today

at the water’s edge

blonde hair fluttering in the cool breeze

a stark reflection ebbing with the water


partially transparent

the clearness of the water

and the colors of the river below

sparkle and mix

appear magical


the colors of my soul

searching to find the beauty and strength

in all that surrounds me


the calmness of the day

of the warmth of the sun at my back

take away the struggles

the drama

the fear of the unknown

and replace them with what’s important




reminding me of who I am

and why I’m here

I wasn’t prepared for the distance

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I wasn’t prepared for the distance

the way it would grow like wheat

rolling over the hills

you know it’s there

you can see the golden straw growing closely together

even from afar


as I look out across the hills and valleys that form my life

searching for that which has grown most apart from me

all I see are waves of gold that seem endless


if I cross over all the hills that stand before me

I’ll find the end

it won’t be without trekking uphill countless times

and then slipping and sliding down

in the smooth wheat


but at what point does it remain worth it?

at what point do we embark over endless hills

to close a gap that grew for a reason

just as the wheat grows and is harvested year after year