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by a time warp
I sit still
and steady
my heart beating with the hands
that slowly go about the clock
it’s tick tock
tick tock
drowned by the reverb
harmoniously coming from my chest

the sun

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the sun
is an angel

radiating our souls from its touch on our skin
its warmth building and kindling
the fire that lights our eyes

it has followed us since birth
pushing us down this flower lined path we are now on
looking into your icy blue eyes only feed the fire

as our hands touch for the first time
an even larger fire ignites
one that cannot be stopped or put out by even the harshest of rains

the sun
has led me to you

P.S. I have been slacking at writing lately, too busy having fun in the sun, but I’ll try to start posting more frequently again.

it has been days since we spoke

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it has been days since we spoke

since I felt your touch

or heard my name ever so softly on your lips


when you left

a fire was extinguished

its flames snared by the snow that came with December


the last lingering of its smoke dissipated

as the new year rung in


for months I sat under the shade of the old oak

doing nothing more than







for something to change

for some sign that your leaving was not forever

that you would one day come back and once again free my soul


as the seasons changed I watched

looking in at the world around my from a pane of one way glass

so impenetrable it could not be broken by anything


or anyone


as a bird chirps in the tree above me

the sun in the sky radiates my soul


its warmth the only warmth flowing through my veins

weaving through to my heart


a heart that has been covered in ice

shut off from the world


as small flakes fly off and scratches are made

I feel a change

a shift

in not only myself but the world as well

I watched the sun disappear

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I watched the sun disappear

fade behind a whispering sheet of black


the sun had touched my soul

begun to melt the shields that protected it

exhausting from me the strength that held them


in the quiet blackness

those shields tried to mend

creating rough layers over what was already there

any transparency fading quickly behind


but the rains came quickly

droplets eased through the cracks

and pounding hail quickly followed

the new shields

bro ken



.  en t

do nothing more than reopen the freshly healed wounds


my mind no longer has control

they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

and as my heart works to repair the damage

my soul knows this is true


one day

the sun will come back

its light will cut through the black that I see

its heat will dry the water that has pooled around me

and my shields will retreat only when they know it is safe

seek the strength

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seek the strength


of the river

that forges forward all through the day and night

the river that gives so much of itself to you


of your family

those that are constants in your life

they’d do anything for you


of the tree

that sits in your front yard for it has weathered much

but it keeps its roots firmly dug into the ground


in your heart

let it guide you in all that you do

nothing holds as much strength as this beating fist seized organ


in moments of weakness

we oft forget the strengths around us

but when we find them

our lives blossom beautifully

and even if only for a second

the world seems peaceful


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it’s so faint you barely notice it

like the constant tick of the clock on the wall

though steady

it is not static


fluctuating slightly

when you are hesitant

or when the ache in the pit of your stomach

trickles through the rest of your body

the tick quickens


but the smallest moments in life will restore it

when you’re at a crossroads and something clicks into place

or the warmth you feel

while surrounded by loved ones


you pass through these points daily

mere specks on a map

with little thought put towards this


like the beat of your favorite song

or your own internal rhyme

listen to what it tells you

don’t take its brilliance and presence for granted

keep it safe