I am my own person

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I am my own person

(mostly) unhindered by the world in which I live

a web of tangled strings tug at my heart

telling me







but never asking

this poison seeps through the vessels and veins in my body

in an attempt to affect and effect

the person I (have become) am

those who tell rather than ask are no longer their own person

their lives hindered by the world about them

crushed by a society that tries to same

(or shame)


into one unified person

don’t be afraid to ask

and don’t be afraid to be the person you were meant to be

the person you are



you are alone

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you are alone

wrapped so tightly inside your thoughts

you can’t find your way out


pressured and misled by what’s around you

you become cold like steel

and wound like a spool of thread


you forget who you are

and become what you’re not

sunny skies turned to a sheet of grey


but that grey isn’t scary

and it doesn’t have to be who you are

you’re an individual


you are made up of so many things

be your own person

push the grey that clouds your eyes


and see once again

the sun

that shines down from above

the harsh yellow light radiating from the lamp

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the harsh yellow light radiating from the lamp

does nothing to help me find my way along the gravel lined road I walk


the faint outline of a body visible to my left

I reach out for the friend walking beside me

my hand fumbles through the darkness

searching through the pitch black air for the warmth of a hand to hold

all it finds is my shadow

my hand drops heavily to my side as I stumble on


a gust of wind blows through

pushing me along what I hope is still the street


the light flickers

goes out


a thought lingers in the back of my mind

trickles along my nerves

telling me I should stop

give up

but I can’t


I must continue down this road

searching for another light

to show me the way home