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Short Story 1 – Part 4

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My day at the office started in a typical manner. Once there I proceeded to walk through the break room, grab a coffee and a donut, said my hellos, and walked to my office. I worked in the Division of Anthropology and led a team of researchers and explorers for the North American region. It was only my third year as head curator and my fifth year out of college. I was lucky enough to land such a great position and study under Thomas Bradbury, one of the greatest curators this museum had ever seen. I was hand selected by Bradbury to replace him when he retired and recruited to work there after college.

I studied anthropology at Harvard, having earned my PhD and spending several years in school. It was nice to finally be out in the real world doing what I love. I’m originally from a smaller town in Virginia, definitely an East Coast girl, but I have always been fascinated by the people around me.

I was working on a new project and hoped to explore a cluster of remote islands off the coast of Canada. They were completely untouched and until recently they hadn’t even shown up on satellites. The weird thing is that they didn’t show up on every satellite. We had a new Satellite that was on loan from some government agency. It was state of the art. Its official name was classified, so it was recognized by our systems as MNH-11. We often referred to it as classy since you can’t shorten Museum of Natural History past MNH.