a tree blows over in the wind

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a tree blows over in the wind

moist dirt flies up

landing amongst the tangle of white

that had just seconds before acted as an anchor

darkening the grass that was once green


the tree had told stories

for it had been there for years

nurturing those that came to it

who sat

protected by it’s outreached arms

and full branches

from immense heat


the tree had witnessed a war

had seen the struggle of innocents

as they were oppressed

gunned down

the tree wept with its leaves

each one individually drifting through the stagnant air

but with each year the tree had grown stronger

not allowing the pain to tear it down


but the wind had been ferocious

a force unlike any other

the wind didn’t like what the tree stood for




the forces built of around the tree

nature acting against one of its own

and with a mighty gust

the tree became the oppressed