drums of thunder

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drums of thunder

clash with the silence

leaving cracks as they become louder


a girl

sitting silently

looks up

beams of flying light

break through the cloud filled night sky

that surrounds her


the drums quicken

grow nearer

cracks become holes


the girl

sees new worlds

the icy blue of her eyes begin to thaw

as the holes become larger

reds blues and greens

replace the black that had been suffocating her


the drums quietly disappear

beams of light replaced by a fiery yellow ball

the black that had filled her life is gone


the girl

stands up

knees shaking

threating to buckle

eyes wide

her heart absorbs the many colors


and the chance to start again

it sits in a field

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it sits in a field


bent and broken

at the stem

graying flower petals

touching the dying grass below

many falling off

with the swift gusts of winds

continually blowing past


at one time

it had flourished

the first of its kind

its beautiful

blue petals

catching the sign light

standing out

in the field of green

and many more sprouted around it

creating a patch of blue

so fluid

it could have been mistaken

for a small pond


the days of its vibrancy

have come and gone

days that were before the rain

that fell so hard

the large drops bounced off the ground

like a ball on a court

rain that washed away the new growth

of blue that had sprung from the ground

and weighted down the top of the tallest flower

until it bent and snapped under pressure


the rain had plans for this flower

plans that would stop it from growing

plans that didn’t want it to survive

didn’t want it take the breaths it needed to survive

stripped of its ability to live

it withered

and by the time

glorious beams of golden rod

shined down on it

it had given up its will to live

crushed under the weight of the world

Poems from Conflicted Hearts – Coming Soon!

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I recently had two of my poems accepted into an anthology called Poems from Conflicted Hearts by Tayen Lane Publishing.

Here’s a link to find out more about it! It is debuting March 1st and available for pre-order.