the moon

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the moon
is no longer silent
its bright light has been beckoned
out of the tangled web of clouds
forged by a force high above
to keep it hidden

an eerie glow is cast down
haunting the soul’s darkest desire

but illuminating the dreams
of those that feast in the night

as it guides our way down some path
that may or may not be predetermined
we must decide between
all that is good in the moon
and all that is



look for the stars in the night sky

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look for the stars in the night sky

the balls of fire that seem so tiny

yet can be seen from great distances


look for fiery patterns

the big dipper

or its younger brother


or see the stars individually

a completely separate existence

shining bright for those below


the stars are individuals

they are clusters

together they form patterns

but individually they shine their own light

starkly contrasting the blackness that swirls around them

lighting the way for travelers

those like them

existing both together

and alone


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Sunsets have been incredible lately. Thought I’d mix it up a bit. Four of them are from today and from home, a few of them are from Pullman. I seem to have been looking to the sky more and more lately, and I’m not sure what that’s about…
IMG_4815 IMG_4823 IMG_4876 IMG_4925 IMG_4928 IMG_4930 IMG_4941

The Sky

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I don’t want to say that I’m fascinated by its immensity or by the many colors that weave in and out at different times of the day. But I am. During the summer, I’m up before the sun. Often driving to work as it starts to peak over the mountains to the east. The quietness of the morning is made more beautiful by the pinks, purples, and oranges found in the sky. The clouds, stretched thin, begin to mix with the pale blue of the sky.

Many find it hard to see the clouds move. I don’t. I remember the first time I noticed a big, puffy cloud moving quickly across a pale blue sky. This moment was unexpected—something I had never thought of before. How long before someone else sees the same cloud? Out the window ever-darkening clouds loom over the hills. Morphing from gray to the deepest shades of blue. I watch them form. Watched them appear. A process that in itself is both slow and fast. I look away only to look back again and see the gap is closing. Steadily. I think they’re racing. Trying to see which one can reach the exact spot in the sky above me first. Sure, they’re just clouds. But weren’t we taught when we were little to look for shapes in the clouds? A dinosaur here, a car there. Not the darkness steadily overtaking us.

It’s easy to lose oneself in something that is so much greater than we are. I often find in the sky what I need at that moment. Maybe that explains my fascination. Maybe not. The sky is there to calm me. To help me see new things. The sky is consistent. It’s always there. Even the minimal light put off by the moon and the stars is enough to help me find my way. To reflect. A night with no stars and no moons, though completely dark, is still navigable.

Sunsets are my favorite part of the day. My friends make fun of me because I’m always taking pictures. But no two sunsets are the same. Even in the seconds between when my finger hits the button, the sun can descend completely below the horizon. Seemingly lost in space and time. Leaving behind a trail of clouds similar to those of the morning, fading into the blue backdrop. These fleeting moments take with them bits good and bad moments. Moments that may define us. Moments that may define the sunset.

There are scientific explanations about why clouds move, why the sun rises and sets each day, about what the atmosphere is for. Is the sky really blue? Or is it just a reflection? While these questions can be answered, they matter very little to me. What does matter is how I perceive the sky, and that I continue to look to it for hope, reassurance, and whatever it is that I may need in that moment.

the space between me and the sky

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the space between me and the sky

is dark

though I’m not sure why


the darkness consumes me

with each breath I take

constricting my throat

drying it

it feels like I’m going

days without water


it wasn’t always like this

the space between me and the sky

used to be bright


full of color


full of life


at least until the rain clouds came

they won’t go away

and so I sit here

alone in the dark


staring at the space between me and the sky