a child awaits the Christmas snow

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a child awaits the Christmas snow

white flakes descending from the sky

catching the sun like a million pieces of glitter

no two the same

the fresh powder a sure sign that Santa will come


the snowman that sits in the yard

bright orange carrot for a nose

and a black felt hat

stick arms waving in the air

seems so real he could come to life


“would you like a cup of hot cocoa?”

the child asks

and though the snowman doesn’t answer

the child holds the old thermos up to his mouth

sharing the warmth of Christmas

peace and joy


one day the child will grow

have children of his own

but he will always await the Christmas snow

and cherish not only the memories

but also the spirit of all that is good


uneven snowflakes float

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uneven snowflakes float

from the ashen sky


filling every curve crack & crevice

resting on the frozen ground

though different

each one stacks perfectly atop the one that preceded it

painting the rolling hills and scattered rooftops

light bursts of smoke mixing into the sky

the purest of whites


to some this scene may seem desolate


like they are clawing at the walls of a completely white room



they don’t see the beauty

the breathlessness

the purity that lay at their feet


endless opportunity awaits