it wasn’t the fall

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it wasn’t the fall

that caused my spine to shiver

a numbness so cold

even the summer sun

no longer radiated its warmth on my skin


the longing ache in the pit of my stomach grew

spread through my limbs

tingling the tips of my fingers

knocked my worn sneakers off the hard clay

and threw me on to the cold ground


the day you left was the end

a flame was extinguished

that can never be rekindled

each day the darkness grows

ink slowly blotting over me


I long for the day the sun rises again

but an unsettling fear grows stronger each day

as I trample through the rubble that has become my life

love has disappeared

and it has taken with it even the stars


look for the stars in the night sky

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look for the stars in the night sky

the balls of fire that seem so tiny

yet can be seen from great distances


look for fiery patterns

the big dipper

or its younger brother


or see the stars individually

a completely separate existence

shining bright for those below


the stars are individuals

they are clusters

together they form patterns

but individually they shine their own light

starkly contrasting the blackness that swirls around them

lighting the way for travelers

those like them

existing both together

and alone