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Our lives are a series of stories. Stories that weave and intertwine, stories that end with a flourish, stories that stopped short, stories that may never end, stories within stories. Without even realizing it, many of these stories were triggered by wants: the want for more money, a home, for love, truth, the want to reach others (to help them), the want to protect our friends and family.


What causes us to want? Is it ingrained in our human nature? I want to be a teacher; the kind of teacher who is accessible and reaches out to students, who helps them see the world. Within that one want are several stories that led me there. First is the story of the girl who loved to read. Somewhere in the midst of that story is another one: that of the girl who had teachers that taught, not only books but their power. Those two stories built up with an acclamation of other stories that made me who I am (the way I was raised, my family and friends, etc.) led me to college, where coursework, novel selections, my job in the Writing Center, and college professors who genuinely care. This is my current story: the building of my pedagogy and discovering the teacher, and ultimately the person, that I want to be. So yes, we may want a lot, but that isn’t necessarily bad. What’s behind the want?


We all have stories that led us off the path we thought we were going: friends that were bad influences, choices we made while under pressure, and maybe these are stories we wished we had never been on. But even a “bad” story has its positives. It could be the reminder we need of who we are, or the moment we remember what we dreamt of as a child. These stories may seem small, even insignificant, but they aren’t. They may be some of the most important moments of out lives.


What are your stories? Where are you going? These stories show a glimpse of your wants, your character, and what you are doing with your life. Are you the person you want to be?