I am

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I am
not just another girl
who sits patiently and
waits to be served on a silver platter

taken care of
yet pushed aside
waiting and the awaited

thoughtful but unspoken

I am
not another woman
who layers her face in shades of color
as if to place it on a pedestal

afraid of the eyes that stare
with vicious judgment
and the murmurs that await

outspoken by all those around

I am
an individual
strong and independent
I cut my own paths

never looking around
never seeking attention
laying a hand on the shoulder of all those around me

I am undoubtedly me


I rose from the ashes of a desolate town

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I rose from the ashes of a desolate town

laid aside by many

a place never thought twice of


I rose through struggles and challenges

bearing strength and brilliance

forged by a community who displayed the same


I rose to be me

a unique individual

looking to find my place in the world around me


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we bend

and bre ak them

we throw them

with our mouths

sometimes harshly

sending our own spit

right along with them

we throw them

at ourselves

the ground

even others



are receptive

they absorb

what we put into them

the energy that makes them come alive

moving them so quickly

they could win an Olympic medal

or barely giving them enough strength

to walk across the room

then there’s emotions

emotions that are absorbed like tears

into a tissue



are verbs


all around us

we think them to ourselves

and yell them to our friends

sometimes they sit in the back of our throats

itching to escape

but we don’t let them

other times we overuse them

but words will always be with us

there for us to cherish

and treat with kindness


if we treat words as tools

weapons to destroy and tear down

the walls that have been built around us

we may lose their beauty and strength


seek the strength

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seek the strength


of the river

that forges forward all through the day and night

the river that gives so much of itself to you


of your family

those that are constants in your life

they’d do anything for you


of the tree

that sits in your front yard for it has weathered much

but it keeps its roots firmly dug into the ground


in your heart

let it guide you in all that you do

nothing holds as much strength as this beating fist seized organ


in moments of weakness

we oft forget the strengths around us

but when we find them

our lives blossom beautifully

and even if only for a second

the world seems peaceful