her mind has become a leaf

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her mind has become a leaf

each spring
as the sun melts the remnants
of winter’s last storm
a budding though trickles in
sprouting greener than any other

in the summer
that thought flourishes
soaking up the sun and
provides a cool place
for others to lay

but as the heat strengthens
those leaves dry and become brittle
but she doesn’t mind
because she loves the reds and oranges
that surround her

in fact

she can’t think of anything she loves more

when finally
short days are followed by cool nights
and the wind knocks loose the leaves
her mind rests peacefully
knowing this cycle is vital to her survival


the sun

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the sun
is an angel

radiating our souls from its touch on our skin
its warmth building and kindling
the fire that lights our eyes

it has followed us since birth
pushing us down this flower lined path we are now on
looking into your icy blue eyes only feed the fire

as our hands touch for the first time
an even larger fire ignites
one that cannot be stopped or put out by even the harshest of rains

the sun
has led me to you

P.S. I have been slacking at writing lately, too busy having fun in the sun, but I’ll try to start posting more frequently again.

it has been days since we spoke

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it has been days since we spoke

since I felt your touch

or heard my name ever so softly on your lips


when you left

a fire was extinguished

its flames snared by the snow that came with December


the last lingering of its smoke dissipated

as the new year rung in


for months I sat under the shade of the old oak

doing nothing more than







for something to change

for some sign that your leaving was not forever

that you would one day come back and once again free my soul


as the seasons changed I watched

looking in at the world around my from a pane of one way glass

so impenetrable it could not be broken by anything


or anyone


as a bird chirps in the tree above me

the sun in the sky radiates my soul


its warmth the only warmth flowing through my veins

weaving through to my heart


a heart that has been covered in ice

shut off from the world


as small flakes fly off and scratches are made

I feel a change

a shift

in not only myself but the world as well

the sun is hidden – a haiku

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the sun is hidden

behind full darkening clouds

distant thunder rolls


rain falls heavily

splashing puddles grow larger

the sky is now black


trees sway in the breeze

a limb scratches my window

a ghost of the past


will the darkness end?

will the sun ever come back out?

I long for its warmth

the hill

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the hill

is his place of comfort

its plush green grass provides a seat unlike any other




it is all that he needs it to be


from this spot he watches


he watches as the sun slowly starts to hide itself

vibrant green leaves change to red

before falling into piles that dampen your foot

or crunch with every step you take

he watches as the snow fall blankets his world

and covers the tops of the buildings in the city below


he watches children chase each other

sprinting ahead at the last minute


he watches as traffic stalls in the city

horns blaring and beeping

echoing through the sky


when he’s on the hill

he acts as a sponge

soaking in the world around him

continuing to grow

learning how to get by in the world around him


each day he descends from the hill is stronger

a better version of himself

and he tries not to let that fade

as he joins the masses on the streets


he feels


until the heavy wood door clunks behind him

whisking up an aroma of aged wood and fresh bread

and he feels once again what it is like to breath

Summer is Coming – Haiku

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Green grass is afoot

Squishing beneath my bare feet

Springing me forward


Atop the tall tree

Young leaves rustle in the breeze

Rays of light shine through


Bright tulips grow tall

Standing out against dull life

Summer is coming

you are alone

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you are alone

wrapped so tightly inside your thoughts

you can’t find your way out


pressured and misled by what’s around you

you become cold like steel

and wound like a spool of thread


you forget who you are

and become what you’re not

sunny skies turned to a sheet of grey


but that grey isn’t scary

and it doesn’t have to be who you are

you’re an individual


you are made up of so many things

be your own person

push the grey that clouds your eyes


and see once again

the sun

that shines down from above