the sun

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the sun
is an angel

radiating our souls from its touch on our skin
its warmth building and kindling
the fire that lights our eyes

it has followed us since birth
pushing us down this flower lined path we are now on
looking into your icy blue eyes only feed the fire

as our hands touch for the first time
an even larger fire ignites
one that cannot be stopped or put out by even the harshest of rains

the sun
has led me to you

P.S. I have been slacking at writing lately, too busy having fun in the sun, but I’ll try to start posting more frequently again.


the sun is hidden – a haiku

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the sun is hidden

behind full darkening clouds

distant thunder rolls


rain falls heavily

splashing puddles grow larger

the sky is now black


trees sway in the breeze

a limb scratches my window

a ghost of the past


will the darkness end?

will the sun ever come back out?

I long for its warmth

I watched the sun disappear

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I watched the sun disappear

fade behind a whispering sheet of black


the sun had touched my soul

begun to melt the shields that protected it

exhausting from me the strength that held them


in the quiet blackness

those shields tried to mend

creating rough layers over what was already there

any transparency fading quickly behind


but the rains came quickly

droplets eased through the cracks

and pounding hail quickly followed

the new shields

bro ken



.  en t

do nothing more than reopen the freshly healed wounds


my mind no longer has control

they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

and as my heart works to repair the damage

my soul knows this is true


one day

the sun will come back

its light will cut through the black that I see

its heat will dry the water that has pooled around me

and my shields will retreat only when they know it is safe

you are alone

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you are alone

wrapped so tightly inside your thoughts

you can’t find your way out


pressured and misled by what’s around you

you become cold like steel

and wound like a spool of thread


you forget who you are

and become what you’re not

sunny skies turned to a sheet of grey


but that grey isn’t scary

and it doesn’t have to be who you are

you’re an individual


you are made up of so many things

be your own person

push the grey that clouds your eyes


and see once again

the sun

that shines down from above

mother nature is confused

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mother nature is confused


pounding rains

lighting strikes through the sky

cloudy and sunny at the same time

snow swirls bouncing off the glass as it turns to hail

clouds of dust so dense the world becomes brown


in what seems like the changing and clashing of the seasons

five minutes has passed


but one ray of light shines brighter than the rest

casting the rain, snow, and wind in a shadow so dark they crumple

and fall into the ground


as the sun gains energy

mother nature is at ease

all is still

when you went away the world got darker

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when you went away the world got darker

a sheet of gray draped in your place

my heart frozen

a future without you seemed dreadful


it went on that way for months

whenever I looked you were gone

at times I caught you lingering

but you were too far away


your warmth couldn’t reach me

the coldness in my heart

spread to the tips of my fingers and toes

spreading to the world around me


the ground became colder with each step

or so it seemed

clouds came and went

but no matter how bright the world got


the warmth I so longed for couldn’t be found


but one day you came back

I could not only see you

but feel you as well

your warmth radiated inside my soul


melted the ice that had held me in place

brought me back to life


and I realized that our lives go in cycles


people come and go

just as the seasons come and go

just as life comes and go


but we can’t keep wondering

about the whens hows and what ifs

we must make of life what we can

and let the warmth of those around us radiate inside our souls


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Sunsets have been incredible lately. Thought I’d mix it up a bit. Four of them are from today and from home, a few of them are from Pullman. I seem to have been looking to the sky more and more lately, and I’m not sure what that’s about…
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