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by a time warp
I sit still
and steady
my heart beating with the hands
that slowly go about the clock
it’s tick tock
tick tock
drowned by the reverb
harmoniously coming from my chest


the clock on the wall

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the clock on the wall

tick tocks

tick tocks


the lead of a pencil

scratches the paper

in swift curvy motions


a leaf falls

swirling down from its tree

landing gently on the dying grass


a knock knock knock

is heard from the foyer

a door opens and then shuts


we wait

observing these endless moments of life

moments that have become part of our daily lives


we wait

though we aren’t always sure why

we do it anyways

all I can see is the white of the wall

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all I can see is the white of the wall

but I don’t know why


in a rustic wood frame

just to my left

hangs a painting

the canvas filled with tree covered mountains

cascading into the bluest of lakes

high above

a bright yellow sun shines in a cloudless sky

creating a white reflection in the smooth water below

though I have seen this painting too many times to count

it no longer exists in my mind

instead I see only the white spot

the reflection



into the white wall behind it


to the right

hangs a bright orange clock

its white hands move in a fluid



but the orange is gone


all that’s left are the white hands

their movements difficult to see

against the white wall

if it weren’t for the tick tock



it would be lost to me altogether




I sit

watching as my world turns white

three tiny strips of metal move continually at different speeds

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three tiny strips of metal move continually at different speeds

I stare


at how precise their movements are

if I blink

I may miss the change

it always seems to happen in the brief moment

I forget to watch

when we are least paying attention


each of these strips plays out a separate role

yet work together to keep track of something

so precious

something that seems like it will never run out

but it does

it will

and before we know it

it’s gone


the metal strips will continue to move

to rotate around an unchanging axis

and though these rotations may appear the same on the surface

they are not

each click into place presents a new moment

and a moment that we will never again have back