I waited

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I waited

as the snow fell yet again

from the coldest of gray skies

gray skies that were colder than a marble statue

gray skies that held no hope or promise

for what comes next

trapping me

so that all I could do was wait


I waited for you

to save me from the cold

wrap your warm arms around me

arms that were strong and protective

arms that would keep me safe

and heat the chill that seeped to my bones

that were frozen in place

refusing to let me move


I waited but I didn’t want to

I wanted to be free

like the eagle who soars through the sky

observing the life below it

braving not only the bluest of summer skies

but the stormiest winter ones as well

you acted as the barrier that held me back

even though you didn’t know it


I’m still waiting

and I probably always will

when the gray skies are replaced by colorful shades of blue

I’ll stare at them

not being able to see anyone but you

you’ve drawn me in

trapped me in a web

but you didn’t meant to

the clock on the wall

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the clock on the wall

tick tocks

tick tocks


the lead of a pencil

scratches the paper

in swift curvy motions


a leaf falls

swirling down from its tree

landing gently on the dying grass


a knock knock knock

is heard from the foyer

a door opens and then shuts


we wait

observing these endless moments of life

moments that have become part of our daily lives


we wait

though we aren’t always sure why

we do it anyways