words sit

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words sit

at the tip of my tongue

the force behind them so great

they could level a forest of giant oaks


words of






but an even greater force holds them in


a gatekeeper whose iron

keeps even the strongest of poets at bay


the words swirl in my head

creating a storm of harsh thunder and lightning

thrashing and crashing against an invisible barrier


breaking it down


but though the words may make sense on paper

they flow harsh like the river

cutting and weaving through land

but also the transporter of all things necessary


love at long last

has broken free


the girl has gone mute

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the girl has gone mute

words no longer at the tip of her tongue

stolen by those who refuse to listen

blown away by the ferocious wind


she struggles

trying to prove her point

she knows it’s important

that she shouldn’t give up


you need to conform

they say

justify your choices

they say


that’s wrong

ringing from ear to ear

her anger has built up

and she wants so desperately to fight back


but she struggles

unsure of when to let go

is it worth it?

she asks


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we bend

and bre ak them

we throw them

with our mouths

sometimes harshly

sending our own spit

right along with them

we throw them

at ourselves

the ground

even others



are receptive

they absorb

what we put into them

the energy that makes them come alive

moving them so quickly

they could win an Olympic medal

or barely giving them enough strength

to walk across the room

then there’s emotions

emotions that are absorbed like tears

into a tissue



are verbs


all around us

we think them to ourselves

and yell them to our friends

sometimes they sit in the back of our throats

itching to escape

but we don’t let them

other times we overuse them

but words will always be with us

there for us to cherish

and treat with kindness


if we treat words as tools

weapons to destroy and tear down

the walls that have been built around us

we may lose their beauty and strength


words are falling from the sky

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words are falling from the sky

like rain


love lands on an umbrella

drizzling slowly off the edge

as if falling apart


darkness falls all the way to the ground

splashing on the asphalt

a surface that can’t absorb it


empty pools on he bench next to me

its letters scattering in all directions

unable to run off


happy sits on a horizon

colorful as the rainbow in the distance

far enough away to hold onto


the hope that hits my hand

and trickles down slowly

reminding me that I’m here

the black ink flows smoothly

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the black ink flows smoothly

in between the faded blue lines

running horizontally across the page




creating a jumble of letters

a mass of words is formed

speckled all over the crisp paper

individually these words are small


the only rosebud that has not yet started to bloom

its alabaster petals held tightly together

emotions without meaning

actions without a function

articles with no noun to attach to

but as my hand moves steadily across the page

the words string together

creating a surge of memories


and stories


acting as catalysts

for when the last rose finally blooms

its beauty stands out among the rest

the dark green stems and thorns protecting it

they weave together

making you feel any emotion from pain to happiness

not much is more powerful