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Questions. Often we think very little of them. We let them frazzle us; we refuse to answer them; we even refuse to ask them. We see them as annoying or a hindrance to our lives. But to question may just be the single handedly most important verb we can do. Questions allow the unknown to be explored. And the possibilities of the unknown are endless. We can discover parts of ourselves we didn’t know. We can think critically about the world around us. We can even learn more about others, or help them discover something new.


But if we don’t ask, then what are we doing? If things aren’t questioned, will they change? Or how will new things be discovered? Change starts with a question. So if you’re stuck, ask. If you want to discover something new, ask. Go down a road you’ve never gone before. Learn something new. Because why not?


Likewise, don’t be afraid to answer, even if that means looking deep inside yourself. Discover who you are as a person. You might just like what you find.


the world has gone stark

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the world has gone stark

its beauty depleted

what once was has

faded into the wavering ozone above

a green slinky ring weaving

through the now grey sky

marks its place

shades of grey and green

replace the once vibrant palate of color

all individuality


on either side of me

stand similar versions of myself

women with short hair

men with even shorter hair

dark pants and shirts

creased like newspapers straight off the press

we are told what we can do

anything else

don’t even bother

so we stand

facing forward

as eyes continually watch us

I long to remember what I’ve been told to forget

an image passes across my eyes

fades into the distance

an unusually substance arises in my right eye

and rolls smoothly down my cheek

as hard as I try not to

I blink

and suddenly

the crosshairs are aimed on me

the world is now black